Thais Fersoza’s photo with a swimwear look divides opinions on the web. Understand!

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Thais Fersoza stole the show by posing with a swimwear look on her Instagram profile. To enjoy the sunny day with the family, the actress bet on a lilac swimsuit with cleavage and left her body on display. “While the girls were picking up shells, hubby and the little one were exploring in the stand up! And mommy turns and moves from that discreet look to the sea to check out the two [risos]. Does anyone else identify? I love to see them enjoying, I love to live these moments, to see the construction of our partnerships, complicity “, said the actress.

Thais Fersoza photo caption with lyrics from her husband

In another photo, Thais appears sitting in a red canoe. In the background, it is possible to notice a vast vegetation. “‘Paddling, paddling, paddling on the boat’. How can I not sing this song mentally looking at this photo? Because a classic is a classic, right guys?” Michel Teló, with whom he will spend five months in Rio de Janeiro, where the singer participates in the new season of “The Voice Brasil”.

The actress’ swimsuit divides opinions on the internet. Understand!

On the web, Thais was criticized because of the piece she chose for the moment of rest. According to some internet users, the look “did not favor” the artist. Some followers drew attention to the fit of the swimsuit in the groin area. “It didn’t look cool,” said one. “Nothing to do with this swimsuit,” observed another. “There’s something bloated there,” pointed out a third. “It didn’t look good. You are very skinny and he’s great,” explained one. But other fans came out in defense of the youtuber. “Unnecessary criticism,” fired one. “Real woman. How beautiful she is!” Praised another. “People talking about her swimsuit … If she had a bikini they would talk about cellulite, her butt, her chest … something would talk”, complained one. “More and more wonderful. Two children with that body?”, Completed one.

Fans mention repercussions of Zé Neto’s photo in swim trunks

Some users also cited the repercussion of the photo of the countryman Zé Neto, of the duo with Cristiano, with a volume in his trunks, and criticized the fact that the reaction was uneven. “When the boy put on his swim trunks and showed him his instrument, didn’t you go there to speak ill? No, on the contrary, you almost fell into your mouth in the photo. Now Thais is beautiful and you repressed already start talking ***,” pinned one. the perfect ones: “‘That swimsuit did not favor you’, as if she were asking for some kind of opinion. If it were a man with a tight trunks there, everything would be all right. “Men posting in underwear marking: the number of followers tripled. Women posting photos in bikini / swimsuit: I’m going to stop following, vulgar fag”, lamented a third.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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