Thais Fersoza posts new photo with controversial swimsuit and irons criticism: ‘I love’

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Thais Fersoza thanked another sunny weekend on the beach and posted another photo of a swimsuit on her social network. In the click, Michel Teló’s wife appears with the same low-cut model that she used last week and shared the opinion of the fans. Thais, however, mocked the criticisms received: “Yes! I think a beautiful swimsuit, I think a swimsuit is chic, I think a swimsuit is elegant, I love this model, this cleavage, this color … And everyone wears what they like and what what do you want! This is the real one, right? “. The first time she appeared with beachwear on her body, fans stated that the piece “did not value” the influencer’s body. “It didn’t look good. You are very skinny and he’s great,” defined a follower. “Nothing to do with this swimsuit,” said another. “There is something bloated there,” observed another Internet user.

Thais Fersoza left São Paulo for Rio de Janeiro

At least temporarily, Thais Fersoza is living in his hometown. Carioca, the artist explained why she moved with her family to Rio de Janeiro. “Since the pandemic began, we have been at our home in SP. Precisely since the second week of March (5 months!) And now we are going to spend 5 months in Rio de Janeiro! It will be very important for us. For me then, a lot! I need to give a renewed one! And the sun, the light, the energy of RJ always does me a lot of good! “, he celebrated. And he detailed: “Going there for another season of ‘The Voice Brasil’. Uhul! I love this program! And besides, it gives me this incredible opportunity to spend a few days with my family on my land. That’s it, unofficial change , temporary, but very welcome and at the right time! “.

Thais Fersoza talks about sex with Michel Teló in quarantine

In response to a follower, Thais Fersoza relied on her sex life with her husband, Michel Teló, in this period of social isolation. “Sometimes [acontece] when we wake up (a delight in the morning), sometimes in the afternoon when children fall asleep (it is rare to sleep in the afternoon, but sometimes it happens …), sometimes at night in a bath or in bed even before sleep, after dinner, chat. Too nice to love, to be loved … A blessing from God “, he assumed.

Thais Fersoza vented about routine with children

But anyone who thinks that everything is flowers in the life of youtuber is wrong. She recently said that she has been stressed by the routine with her children Melinda and Teodoro. “My real / official moment without a filter and working on patience. Melinda simply decided she wasn’t in the mood to eat alone and wanted me to give it (as has been happening a lot). But just as she decided she wouldn’t eat if it weren’t for me giving , I also decided that today I was not going to budge and we stayed a long time in that. Until after a lot of conversation it worked out! “

(By Carmen Moreira)


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