Thais Fersoza leaves her body exposed when relaxing in a bikini: ‘Mommy allows herself’

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Thais Fersoza took advantage of the heat on Friday (2) to cool off. Enjoying a trip with her family, the actress published a photo in which she appears in a bikini floating in the sea. The swimwear look enhanced the presenter’s body. “That moment when Mom allows herself to be silent and hear her own breath,” she said on Instagram. At the beginning of the week, Thais drew the attention of internet users when posing with a low-cut swimsuit and the cut piece divided opinions on the web.

Thais Fersoza assesses moments of rest as a mother

Living temporarily in Rio de Janeiro, Thais highlighted the importance of allowing herself, as a mother, and having moments of rest. “How rare, right? And at the same time wonderful because it means that you have little people who spend the day calling for you. ‘Mommy’ is the best sound in the world! This is indisputable but how important it is to allow yourself these moments, too ? Listen to your silence, your own breathing … look how nice this photo is! “, He said.

Beauty of the actress steals the show in photo

The followers were just compliments to Thais. “You are a big ***,” said one. “Beautiful! Big mom,” commented another. “Perfect! What body, huh?”, Noticed a third. “Mermaid! What a thin waist,” observed one. “Zero defects”, pointed out another. “It hurts to look at so much beauty,” added one user. In an interview, Thais already said that he keeps his physique with exercises. “It is very difficult because it is no use just closing your mouth, you have to work out. I do it for health and to feel good. With this, it ends up improving even the skin and hair”, he explained.

Presenter opens the game about diet

According to Thais, she also invests in healthy eating. “Radical diet does not solve the problem and only frustrates us. Everything that is restrictive is worse and creates compulsion. Today I don’t eat simple carbohydrates, which are the most refined. I opt for integrals. You have to look at the food and see what nutrients the body needs in the right measure. It’s just looking at the meal as something normal, we don’t need to exaggerate “, he declared.

Artist says he started making his own food

Thais also said that he does not give up the popular lunchbox when it comes to having lunch outside. “At home, there is no reason not to have time to prepare a snack to take away. Any restaurant has steamed vegetables or proteins. It is a matter of knowing how to choose and having to have willpower and organization. I am a lunchbox and I take my food everywhere. I defend this habit because everyone knows what is best for themselves “, he added.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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