Thaeme Mariôto posts photos of her daughter and highlights Liz’s growth: ‘She’s a young girl’

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Thaeme Mariôto delighted her followers by publishing photos of her smiling daughter on Tuesday (20). Success on her mother’s Instagram, Liz completed 1 year and 6 months in a home celebration with her family. “One and a half year of our little one entitled to a picnic of popcorn, cake, Strawberry Shortcake blanket on the table again (from the 1st year anniversary)”, said the singer when revealing that she reused items from the party held six months ago. “And even a little of the decoration that is still left … As time goes by! I miss you already! You are a ‘young lady’! Cheers, my great love!”, Completed the countryman.

Thaeme’s daughter wins praise on the web

Liz’s photos were praised by fans in the comments. “Too beautiful. How big it is,” observed one. “What about this look? I can’t take it!” Said another. “It’s a doll! She’s a girl,” noted a third. “How that child grew up”, a user was surprised. “Cute! No structure for this baby,” said an internet user. Recently, Thaeme voiced criticism about her daughter’s appearance and countered malicious messages. “Whoever is a father and mother knows how our hearts are when those affected are our children. Talk about us, but they don’t mess with our children”, he said.

After attacks, singer says do not stop showing Liz

Thaeme, however, reassured the public that he will not fail to publish records of the heiress: “I respect people’s opinions, no one is obliged to find my daughter beautiful. I, as a mother, think, of course! But I respect the opinion But once you stop empathizing, your opinion doesn’t add up to anything and it will hurt the other, you have to keep your mouth shut. Because you are a public person, Internet users think they have the right to say what they want and what they think without thinking about the consequences. If you received that kind of criticism, how would you feel? We are normal people! Be very careful with words, they have enormous power and can hurt ” .

Sertaneja experiences home isolation with the family

In an interview prior to Purepeople, Thaeme spoke of the experience of needing to stay at home. “My days have been intense. Anyone with a one-year-old baby knows what I’m talking about. There are a thousand and one eyes on Liz so that nothing happens. When we blink she is climbing on the chair, sofa, stairs … So it is very intense, but at the same time very happy. The baby really lights up the house, especially in this phase that it is in. Each day is a different novelty! My husband traveled a lot and so did I. Now we have spent more time together. It has been a special moment that part of being able to enjoy Liz intensely. It makes our days lighter, happier“, reported.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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