Texas Judge Accused of Using Anti-Abortion Language During Abortion Pill Hearing, Transcript Reveals

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk has promised to issue his order and opinion as soon as possible following a hearing in the federal case that could decide the future of mifepristone, an abortion drug that’s been on the market for two decades. The details of this hearing were not publicly available until Friday night when a transcript was finally released to the media. According to this transcript, Kacsmaryk – a conservative Trump appointee with ties to anti-abortion groups – seemed open to arguments made by right-wing organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to restrict mifepristone.

In response, ADF senior counsel Erik Baptist told the court that issuing an injunction blocking national use or rescinding FDA approval of mifepristone was “the only practical and reasonable way forward.” However, medication abortions are safer than penicillin and Viagra; they’re also safer than carrying out pregnancy full-term where maternal mortality rates are already higher compared with other developed countries. If Judge Kacsmaryk issues such an injunction at least temporarily banning mifepristone it would throw chaos into abortion care arena since patients are dealing with limited providers and safe states for access.

The ADF is backed by 22 Republican-led states which filed amicus briefs favoring restor[ing] police power balance so state can determine how best its citizens’ health & welfare can be protected. Straus Harris from DOJ said approved drugs do not require their usage but just mean they’re safe for use without setting any national policy affecting state powers while plaintiffs dictate national policies asking courts withdraw agency determinations regarding safety/effectiveness.

Baptists couldn’t cite similar circumstances where after over 20 years effective uses approved drugs taken off-market existent before closing comments blaming FDAs supposed stonewalling people/organizations bringing up anti-mifeprestione cases brought everyone in Amarillo courtroom together despite being untrue: ADF didn’t file suit till Roe v Wade overturned choosing district heard by staunchly anti-abortion judge having penchant towards nationwide rulings.Lack transparency loomed over entire proceeding due largely restricted electronic usage except Dallas courthouse simulcasted Wednesday’s argument without overflow room nor public listen audio feed unless present there.Kascarymk asked lawyers March10th call about avoiding unnecessary circus-like atmosphere during appellate-style proceedings requesting parties avoid further publicity date hearings due death threats/harassing calls received resulting from these cases leading him wanting fluidity&all party opinions heard less advertisement better.Public found upcoming hearing because reporters noticed missing numbers on case docket followed fallout reporting letter coalition media groups putting hearings calendar subsequently fix court exec director Gabe Roth sent letter requesting live audios obviously denied.At least three abortion providers Whole Womans Health Trust Women Hey Jane continue usual two-pill medication regimen regardless how kacsmarky rules whether others follow remains seen alongwith what decision he makes currently waiting.More from Jezebel Sign Up For Jezebel’s Newsletter Latest News Facebook Twitter Instagram Click Here Read Full Article

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