Texas cops report that a 60-year-old stabbed a rail passenger before he died.

Authorities said that a fight over a MetroRail train car in Texas turned into a fatal stabbing.

Two men were riding a train in the rails. Houston KTRK reported that the fight broke out between them when they were confronted by police officers. One man pulled out his knife and began to stab the other passenger.

Police responded to reports stabbing The department released a Nov. 22 press release stating that the incident occurred just before 8 p.m. They found a 60-year old man on a bench outside the rail car at 1150 Rusk Street.

Police reported that another man, with multiple stab injuries, was found unresponsive in the train car. The victim was taken into a hospital where they declared him dead. His identity has not been revealed.

The suspect, 60 years old, was ArrestClick 2 Houston reported. Although charges have not been filed, the case was referred to Harris County Grand Jury per the release.

Investigators don’t know if the men are still alive. They knew each other Fox 26 reported that the couple met on the train.

Police described this as an “isolated incident” and reassured passengers the metro rail was safe, Click2Houston reported.

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