Tested: This is the best big bluetooth speaker

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What is the best large bluetooth speaker? And which one has the best price-quality ratio? Press and the Consumers’ Association provide an answer.


With a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to music wirelessly from your phone or computer. These speakers always have a battery and are therefore suitable for easy movement. There are speakers in different sizes. Larger speakers (larger than 2 liters) can usually play louder. Handy if you want to listen to music in a larger room. Due to the size, they are sometimes less practical to take with you.

The Consumers’ Association tests bluetooth speakers on sound quality, technical quality, battery life and ease of use. A total of 57 different speakers have been tested that are readily available.

Among the fourteen large models that have been tested, a speaker from Sony comes out as Best in the Test. A JBL speaker is the Best Buy.

This model of the renewed XB series is immediately the best large speaker in the test. It is about 32 cm long and weighs almost 3 kilos. So you lug around quite a bit.

This weight is related to the fairly large battery. Thanks to this battery, you can listen to music for about 27 hours on a full charge, which is impressive. Long battery life also means less charging, which means longer life.

Just like with many competitors, there is a ‘light show’ on the speaker that you can switch on or off. With the lights on, the battery lasts seven hours shorter.

Fortunately, for the larger size and weight, you also get a speaker that can play very loud without much distortion. The sound of the speaker sounds spacious and pleasant. He also has a good bass. Some experience that as a bit too much and it comes at the expense of some detail in the sound.

You can also make hands-free calls via the speaker, you can charge your smartphone via the USB connection and there is an app with which you can operate it.

The JBL is slightly cheaper than the new Sony, but still scores quite well. He is therefore the Best Buy. The model is also a bit older and the target price often decreases with the years. Compared to the Sony, it is a lot smaller and lighter and therefore easier to carry. It just falls into the category of large speakers.

But it does not play for a very long time without charging, only about six hours on a full charge. And that is with the light effects turned off. The JBL also has light effects, just like the Sony.



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