Tested positive for coronavirus, Khachanov interrupts his preparation in Dubai

As soon as the 2020 season is over, all eyes are on 2021. And some, like Karen Khachanov or Fabio Fognini have already started their physical and tennis preparation. But the Russian suffered a setback which he would have done well. He announced on social media Friday that he had contracted the coronavirus like his wife and son. He did not say if he had any symptoms and which ones, but of course quarantined himself.

Hope we will be healed soon. I wish everyone to stay healthy and take care of each other“, he added in particular. If within two weeks, Khachanov is rid of the virus, the delay in his winter preparation program will probably not have the same impact as in previous seasons. The Australian Open may indeed be postponed for a fortnight, the trend would be to kick off the first Grand Slam tournament of the year on February 1.

However, the coronavirus sometimes has longer-term effects on the body, such as fatigue and breathing difficulties. It is therefore difficult to say in what proportions the Russian will be affected or not. Many players contracted the disease before him and then were able to resume the game such as Novak Djokovic, Grigor Dimitrov, Benoît Paire or Fabio Fognini.


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