Tesla collapses in US-China economic war: how Musk stormed

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Even though he is at the end of his term and hopes for another one, Trump has not forgotten his economic war with China that began almost three years ago. Many analysts have warned that collateral victims may even be American companies. Tesla is one of them and decided to intervene.

Tesla has decided not to stand aside and to show that it wants justice in the economic war between the USA and China, in which it has fallen a collateral victim. Elon Musk’s company has sued the Trump administration over Washington’s decisions. The process is closely linked to the tariffs imposed by the decision of the President of the Chinese imports.

These include products that Tesla imports for its business that are subject to surcharges. And Elon Musk is not satisfied at all.

Tesla is going to court because of the economic war between the USA and China

In the lawsuit, Tesla mentions both the US Government and the Trade Representative – Robert Lighthizer. Specifically, Musk’s company is seeking the support of judges. He would like the magistrates to cancel two of the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration and return, with interest, the funds paid by Tesla because of them.

It should be noted that the American press notes that it is not known exactly what products Tesla refers to. All that is known is that they are part of List 3 and List 4, which came into force in 2018 and 2019, respectively. There are 25% tariffs on goods imported from China worth $ 200 billion and another category of tariffs – of 7.5% – for imports from China of 120 billion dollars.

Both lists include hundreds of highly specific products, from raw materials to electronic components. So far, no official has commented on the actions of the electric car manufacturer.

Tesla is considered a leader in the global automotive industry when it comes to electric cars, and its operations do not stop in the US. Musk has a factory in China and would like to open the first one in Europe in 2021 – the one near Berlin.


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