We have long heard rumors about Tesla’s intention to sell cheaper cars that match the price of gasoline vehicles, however this was not possible largely because of the price of batteries, so to reduce the price was needed first of a cheaper battery but equal or more effective than the current ones, and today the day that we were all waiting for has finally arrived.

During the Tesla Batery Day, Elon Musk has announced several news about the future of its electric cars, but without a doubt the news that has attracted the most attention is the creation of a new battery that will be much cheaper and that will also improve the autonomy of its vehicles.

One of the big changes with these batteries is that the company will bet on pure silicon to build them, because until today the batteries are made of this material, but they are mixed with other components, hence their price increases considerably. Likewise, Elon Musk mentions that the new batteries will reduce the cost of consumption per kilowatt-hour, which is why the price of these new vehicles may be reduced.

Tesla moved the cell format to 4860 cells, so now they will be 5 times more energy dense and 6 times more powerful, which according to Musk translates into 16% more autonomy for their cars. However, this is still a few years from happening, as Musk says these batteries will not be supplied by third parties, but will be manufactured by the company, so they are still a few years away from being mass produced.

In 3 years the cheap Tesla will be a reality

The models for the next 3 years will continue to have batteries from manufacturers such as Panasonic, but they will be more efficient, as they have also changed the cell format from 1860 to 2170 cells, so they offer 50% more energy. These types of batteries are already used in cars like the Model 3 and Model Y, and will come in future vehicles.

But with the saving and improvement of this battery, the creation of an inexpensive Tesla is now a real possibility, and Musk has mentioned that in 3 years they will be able to launch a vehicle with their new battery at a price of 25 thousand dollars, which at the exchange rate is approximately 500 thousand pesos, a really interesting cost if we consider that all Tesla vehicles are worth more than 1 million pesos, and part of their cost is due to the battery.

Another surprise is that by then, Tesla also promises to have a fully autonomous vehicle, which means that it should have at least a level 4 of autonomy, that is, the driver will be a passenger and the vehicle must be ready to control any situation, so even the passenger can fall asleep during the trip without problem.

It has not been mentioned if the budget model will be fully autonomous, or if this technology will be exclusive to more expensive models, but it is something that has caused quite a bit of excitement.