The most interesting match in advance was certainly the encounter between Norway and Serbia for many.

Norway sought the country’s first prize place for more than 20 years of young superstars Erling Braut Haalandin and Martin Ödegaardin led, but the game ended in terribly disappointment.

Sergej Milinković-Savić only opened the match after 82 minutes. The man was able to punch the ball into a half-empty note after the brave.

Mathias Normann leveled the score with his accurate shot two minutes before the end of the actual game time, but it was ultimately a lean comfort.

Milinković-Savić took Serbia to the qualifying finals with an extra time goal. A magnificent lift sank into the Norwegian net after 102 minutes of the match.

Three rankings

Great drama was also seen in the other semi-finals.

Ireland, playing in the same block of the League of Nations as Finland, suffered a stabbing defeat in the semi-finals, when the country only lost to Slovakia in the rankings 0–1.

Finland will face in the Irish League of Nations next Wednesday.

On Sunday, the Owls will face Bulgaria, which also lost its own semifinals to Hungary 1-3.

For its first time in the country’s history, the Scottish national football team grabbed a victory in the heavyweight race on Thursday as it knocked Israel 1-0 and advanced to the qualifiers.

The Northern Ireland – Bosnia and Herzegovina match also progressed to the rankings. In the end, Northern Ireland was the winner with 2-1.

The results service for all semi-finals can be found at the results service at the end of the article. The finals of the European Championship qualifiers will be played in November, and all matches will be one-piece.

Final pairs:

Georgia-Northern Macedonia


Northern Ireland – Slovakia


The thing was fixed at 8.54. Ireland, not Northern Ireland, is playing in the same block of the League of Nations as Finland, as was initially said in the story.