The most turbulent situation for Ilves and SaiPa’s Friday league opening was the Saimaa people Jacob Moveraren The lynx Eemeli to Finland targeted knee surgery.

SaiPan head coach Tero Lehterä freshly went rounds after his player’s expulsion verdict, but at the “press conference” after the match, he said nothing about it.

-Ilves was a better team in the first round, from the second round we had no worries. The opponent was better in the finish. We are an evolving team, Lehterä commented.

During the corona period, the media will not be able to ask questions at the coaches ’press conference, as the opportunity will be conducted by a representative of each team. The media must conduct all interviews by telephone, without counting MTV / Telia, which owns the TV rights.

After the match, Iltalehti reached the captain of Ilves Eemeli Suomen.

– I played the puck out of the area, it Moverare came against and then it hit. I can’t say it in more detail about the situation, but I don’t think it deliberately tried to hurt, Finland said.

The Tampere player was able to continue the match.

– Fortunately, nothing happened. Caretaker Laukkanen Lasse has put the knee pads and pants on top of the last one, so I stayed intact, Finland lightened.

Fast Ilves

Ilves won the match 2-1.

– It was a pretty good evening. First decent match for a long time. When he came to the ice and noticed that there was a crowd in the hall, there was a good excitement. You noticed that there is a stake in the game, Finland said.

The lynx was aiming for a fast-paced game.

– A little has been filed from last season, but let the games tell you more. It can be said that we are trying to get moving quickly, although of course we sometimes have to rhythmize the game, Finland analyzes.