From SaiPan’s head coach in Lappeenranta From Tero Lehter saw an exceptional speech on Saturday.

SaiPa won HPK in 4-3 home troughs. After the match, Lehterä arrived at the press conference and was asked to comment on the improved game.

However, Lehterä did not comment on the game, but gave a speech. The speech was clearly at least partially prepared, as Lehterä flashed the note on the table at times.

– I am very proud of our players. The way they fight. We have young and inexperienced players who do jobs every day that would compete there. The challenge is pretty tough when there are NHL and AHL players on some of the teams.

– In addition to the club line, which is very hard. It was announced today that A-juniors have one infection. There have been no profits, no income at all in the house.

Lehterä spoke about his previous experiences abroad, which have emphasized the importance of location for business.

– It wasn’t until I came to Lappeenranta that I realized that the location had nothing to do with business. The wish I want to make to the SaiPa community is that you could support us in some way.

The SaiPa league team has directly admitted that they are disappointed that the new ice rink in Lappeenranta will be built in Kisapuisto and not in the city center.

– I quote the great leader: we shall never surrender (in Finnish “we never give up”).

He quoted Winston Churchilliä, which made that phrase known during World War II.

Lehterä left the press conference after his last sentence without saying a word about tonight’s match. On social media like Twitter and the video comment field, Lehterä’s rapture gathered glow.

On Tuesday, SaiPa said it will start co-determination negotiations involving employees in fixed-term and indefinite employment – including players and coaches.

You can watch the speech in its entirety in the SaiPan Youtube video below.