Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday in the Thai capital, Bangkok. The protesters demanded the prime minister Prayut Chan-O-Chan and the resignation of his government, as well as the reform of the country’s political system.

Chan-O-Chan is a former general who planned the 2014 military coup. He was voted to power last year in an election that protesters said was dishonest.

The protests in Bangkok are now continuing for the third day in a row, despite the fact that on Thursday, political gatherings of more than four people were banned by the state of emergency.

There have been protests against the country’s government in Thailand since February this year.

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Several protesters interviewed by the news agency Reuters said they were motivated to move by police on Friday.

On Friday, riot police used water cannons against peaceful protesters.

– It crossed the border. We want to show our strength and that we will not allow this, said a protester interviewed by Reuters.

Police have also tried to defeat the protests by stopping local traffic in Bangkok. However, this has led to the distribution of protests across the city. There have also been demonstrations in other cities in Thailand.

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Numerous arrests

At least 65 protesters have been arrested in protests in Bangkok since Tuesday, the Human Rights Lawyers Association told AFP on Saturday.

Several human rights organizations have condemned the arrests and use of force against peaceful protesters.

“Governments and the United Nations should publicly demand an immediate end to the political repression of Prime Minister Prauyth’s regime,” Reuters, director of Asian Human Rights Watch, told Reuters

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15 years in prison

Some protesters are also calling for changes to the strict defamation law protecting Thailand’s royal family, which allows up to 15 years in prison for insulting the royals.

Protesters say the royal house should stay away from politics.

Indeed, the Royal House of Thailand has considerable influence and is supported by the army as well as several rich clans of the country. The assets of the Royal House are estimated to be worth more than 51 billion euros.

The Thai royal family has not commented on the protests, but King Maha Vajiralongkorn has stated that Thailand needs people who love their homeland and its monarchy.

King Vajiralongkorn ascended the throne in 2016. Since then, he has taken two army units directly under his command.