Tennis games scandal: linesman suspended for betting

Frenchman David Rocher is definately not able to coach or attend online games for 18 months.

The French linesman David Rocher was sanctioned having 18 months of suspension by the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) after getting violated the rules of the Anti-Corruption Plan that prohibit referees from playing on this sport’s matches.

The Frenchman was accused of placing 11 bets between January and August last year – no details have been released about in which matches or even tournaments – and also for not co-operating with the TIU investigation. According to the assertion from that body, he accepted the initial charge, but challenged the second.

The ruling highlights that Rocher could not fully cooperate with the work done by simply anti-corruption officials, for which he was presented a six-month penalty for betting and another 18 (with several on hold) for his frame of mind during the investigation. He was also fined $ 5,000.

The penalty charges will be served simultaneously, which means that Écueil is prohibited from refereeing or even attending a tennis match or any type of tennis event organized by the ITF, ATP, WTA or any body overseeing that sport, from the date in the ruling ( December 6) until finally February 6, 2022.

The This particular language judge violated the article of the Tennis games Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) which can determine that no person involved with this activity “may, directly or indirectly, bet on the outcome or any other aspect of any playing golf event or competition.”

He was also found guilty of not having well known the clause that will determines that “he must cooperate fully together with the investigations carried out by the TIU, such as the presentation of evidence at the terme conseillé, if requested to do so.” And yes it clarifies that the investigated can be found doing infringing that article if the one that refuses to cooperate is his legalised representative.




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