Tenet: Is the theory of who Robert Pattinson credible or not? [SPOILER]

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Let’s go back to when you left the cinema after just seeing Tenet. Wait a minute … you haven’t gone to the cinema to see the movie yet Christopher Nolan? Then you don’t want to read this article which is stuffed with SPOILER. Did you go to the cinema? Well, go ahead. After the credits, you then turned to whoever was with you and said first “Wow”, an exclamation of onomatopoeic origin to express astonishment. If you meant “what a great movie” The “what a boiata” we don’t care now, because we want to analyze that other thing you may have said, which is: “But isn’t Robert Pattinson the adult version of the child?”. Since this theory is gaining ground in the comments on social media, both in Italy and abroad, let’s see how true it can be.

Tenet: who is really Neil, the character of Robert Pattinson?

What we understood without a shadow of a doubt (especially because he explains it himself), is that Neil is an agent recruited in the future since Protagonist, the character of John David Washington. Throughout the film we see that he is always one step ahead for this reason, but he cannot reveal too much information to his colleague and future boss who has yet to enter the world of Tenet, to then found this special section of intelligence. However, according to what many viewers believe, the son of Sator e Kat is Neil when I was a child. Because? Because he’s British like him, he’s blonde like him, and in the hypothetical calendar of future events, he’s the right age to grow up, become an adult and be recruited as an agent of Tenet. And, attention, because someone has discovered this: the child is called Max, diminutive of Maximilien whose last four letters read backwards form the name Neil.

Ok, let’s analyze the details to confirm or deny:

  • First, in the film by Nolan there is no clue to suggest that Max and Neil are the same person. There is no exchange of glances, there is not a single joke from Neil as an adult about the child, who could be himself. It is true that in history it is often said “hiding is the rule”, but the absence of signals is such as to make the complete extraneousness between the two characters plausible.
  • The very young actor who plays Max is called Laurie Sheperd and he’s British. Kenneth Branagh he’s british, Robert pattinson is British, Elizabeth debicki she is australian, John David Washington is American. Christopher Nolan he is British and there is a lot of Britishness, a lot of “Britishness” in his films, where there is always the very British Michael Caine. And so?
  • Max is blond with light eyes, Neil is blond with light eyes. The dominant ethnic group in present-day Great Britain it remains that of Celtic heritage, whose somatic characteristics are just light skin, light hair, light eyes. If a relationship is not declared (or at least insinuated), there is no reason to see it.
  • Neil doesn’t seem very interested in Kat, who is theoretically his mother. It is always the Protagonist who insists on saving her, even if it means more complications for the mission.
  • How old is Neil? Let’s say 35. We don’t know the timing of his recruitment or how many years he has been going back to this great pincer operation. At the end of the film, Neil says that he and the Protagonist have known each other for a few years. We assume there are at least 5 years of collaboration behind them. This means that the start of the operation cannot be too far in the future, but in the present time of the story the child Max is about 10 years old and it would take at least another 20 for him to become an agent. Here the math doesn’t add up.
  • The fact that Maximilien’s last four letters become Neil it is such a bizarre contortion that it turns into that proof that becomes irrefutable in the eyes of conspiracy theorists. It can only be a coincidence, until when Christopher Nolan he won’t tell us himself that he did it on purpose to make fun of us.

Are you still convinced that there is a connection between Neil and Max?
Below the Tenet trailer.



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