Ten years after the death of Néstor Kirchner, the Government is excited to revive UNASUR

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Alberto Fernández said it and the triumph of the MAS of Evo Morales in Bolivia reinforced it. Argentina would have paid US $ 1.8 million in debts with the agency, which no longer exists.

The recent triumph of the Movement towards Socialism of Evo Morales, plus the ten years since the death of Néstor Kirchner, refreshed in the government of Alberto Fernández the idea of ​​reviving the Union of South American Nations.

As government officials have been emphasizing, they revive the idea that the return to socialism in Bolivia infects Ecuadorians to remove Lenin Moreno from power and return to Correísmo, and they look at Chile with enthusiasm, now that the Pinochet constitution has been overthrown.

Furthermore, the sources consulted think that from now on, with Bolivia, Argentina is no longer “alone” in the “right-wing” ocean of Mercosur that is made up of Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil; Luis Lacalle Pou, in Uruguay, and Mario Abdo Benitez, in Paraguay. Hence, according to the diplomatic sources consulted, after the inauguration of Luis Arce in November, the national administration It is going to seek by all means that Bolivia soon enters as a full member of the southern commercial bloc, which is going through one of the worst crises in its history.

Alberto Fernández said a week ago: “The correct project is that of UNASUR and not that of the Lima Group, which was created for ideological reasons and is obsessed with Venezuela, while UNASUR is obsessed with Latin America growing.” He said it on the radio when announcing that the statue of Nestor Kirchner that was located in the dismantled UNASUR building in Quito has been in the CCK since Tuesday 27. Kirchner was the first secretary general of the organization, but Ecuadorian legislators approved his demolition in 2019 considering that he did not “represent their values” but those “of corruption.”

Last Monday in local diplomatic circles they assured scandalized that the General Treasury of the Nation transferred US $ 1.8 million for outstanding fees from UNASUR, where Argentina left in October 2019.

“All the countries that made the decision to denounce the Constitutive Treaty of UNASUR agreed not to pay the pending quotas,” said a senior Latin American source soaked in the decision, and who was amazed that Argentina made that move with its problems of lack of foreign exchange. “Those millions that they have just transferred will be used by Maduro’s Venezuela, Bolivia (which did not complete its departure from UNASUR), Guyana and Suriname, the only members at present.”

When the Foreign Ministry was consulted regarding this payment, the response referred to the relationship to the “unpaid debt of Macri with the organizations”: 140 million dollars. It has not paid anything since 2017, shameful “, they pointed out, being in reality that it is not the first time that the country has incurred this problem. For 2007, the country owes more than 240 million dollars in organizations such as UN, OEA, IAEA, ILO , WHO, which put him at risk of losing the right to vote in some of them.

At the end of this article it was not possible to establish whether or not that fee was paid to UNASUR now, as assured by top-level Latin American sources. “On December 30, 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to pay UNASUR the debt of the 2017 period that the previous government left pending, of $ 1,794,770. It is common practice in multilateral entities that debts must still be paid when a State withdraws from an organization. There is still an outstanding Argentine debt with UNASUR from 2018, which amounts to 1,600,000 dollars, “they acknowledged.

UNASUR was a project that was actually dying with the disappearance from power of the Lula-Chávez-Kirchner axis, but which was finished off by assuming the wave of liberal governments, such as the one headed by Mauricio Macri in Argentina. That death order was as hasty as it could now be to reconstitute it now and fund what no longer exists. With the idea of ​​isolating Chavismo, Sebastián Piñera proposed the creation of Prosur, in replacement of UNASUR, but the initiative never prospered since it was born.

The Lima Group, on the other hand, continued to meet, with the aim of developing policies against Chavismo. “Argentina never participated in meetings or signed documents” of the Lima Group, said Alberto Fernández in his interview last week and confessed that in addition to “distancing himself” from it, he had spoken with Evo Morales about the need for “that the return of Unasur is near, which is so much needed “.

To do this, they began to relive at least the epic. Besides bringing the statue of Kirchner, project that was in charge of Matías Capelutto, director of the Casa Patria Grande “Néstor Kirchner; the Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Justo Chávez, was also in charge of organizing the reception and custody of not only the statue but also the technological equipment of the Data Center of the Secretary General of UNASUR, of the South American Institute of Government in Health and of the Center for Strategic Defense Studies – of which Agustín Rossi spoke yesterday in Brazil with his counterpart Fernando Azevedo e Silva-. In other words, Argentina would take over the assets of UNASUR, which Ecuador dismantled.



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