Singles will test the sustainability of their relationships again this autumn, when Temptation Island Finland returns to the box during the eighth production season. Instead of Thailand, the program was exceptionally described in Kainuu due to a coronavirus pandemic.

The planned filings were hinted at in July when Yle announced the filming location. The stars of the program spent a memorable three weeks in Suokkamo Vuokatti.

Singles and separated couples stayed in Vuokatti Aateli’s lavish accommodation for the season. The program was filmed on the luxury island of Aateli Island in the middle of Vuokatti’s most magnificent lake and danger landscapes and at the Keisari villa in the center of Vuokatti. The 350 square meter Emperor is touted as Vuokatti’s largest luxury villa and will be rented to groups of up to 22 people.

Banijay Finland Oy, which produces “Temppers”, hardly had to persuade the CEO of Vuokatti Aateli Markku Laantia get involved in the project. TV and film productions had already been filmed extensively in the direction of Kainuu, so Laanti was a great veteran as a partner.

In the area described by the Record Factory, Commercial Counselor Jethron, Joonas Nordmanin After Heroes of Sudden Departure and Arctic Circle 3, directed by Pelimiehi and Tiina Lymi, and Rendel 2, which is still in the procession, Tempparit was a suitable continuum to the chain.

– It was only natural that we certainly welcomed the Templars. I have tried to inspire more than ten years, other entrepreneurs in the region, as well as the public sector to get involved in such projects. TV and film productions are a great way to get more visibility. They also bring such an elixir to normal everyday life, Laanti primes.

The format of the love reality was not already familiar to the man, but once the collaboration was agreed upon, he became acquainted with the program by looking at the latest production season. Company staff were also asked to watch the series.

– We looked at it as if from the point of view of the production people, in order to be able to offer the kind of things that the production and the channel were looking for. The feedback has been positive, so maybe we succeeded in our task, Laanti says.

Big projects

The Temppers production ran in Kainuu for more than six weeks, three of which were filmed full-time. Before the filming began, a lot of preparation was done.

Laanti says he was amazed at how massive the production was after all. Accommodations were modified to fit the program and cameras were installed here and there. First aid was also well prepared.

– The staging took a lot of time, it was probably done a couple of weeks before the filming. For example, the entire interior of the Emperor Villa was redesigned, from where the TVs left the walls and the curtains on the windows. The furniture was also changed. It looks quite different on the telly than what it really is, Laanti explains.

– It was all American! the man laughs referring to world-class film productions.

Recently, Laanti was involved in the filming of the winter scenes in the film The Unknown Soldier in Kainuu.

– It was a really big film production, but yes the Tempors compared it. It was great to see how the top professionals work seamlessly together. There was no one with a finger in his mouth but things were happening. It was great to watch, Laanti praises.

Although the sets made for the program have been dismantled, some delicacies for potential TIS tourists have been left in place.

– Both sites still have magnificent, Finland’s largest outdoor hot tubs, they were allowed to stay. And let’s just say that yes, we still have such a Vuokatti theme of Seduction, Laanti laughs.

Nature comes out

In the program Singles and Reserves go on dates, so Kainuu did its best to offer activities. In total, the program shows more than 50 dating places. The lanterns must not be preoccupied with them in advance, but in general he recalls the opportunities offered by the area’s magnificent nature.

– It has been great to realize that help, we live here in Paradise, Laanti says.

According to the man, the production team had mastered how beautiful the summer light is in Vuokatti.

– As such, you may not even be able to pay attention to the light that is so different than even in southern Finland. Sami Kuronen has also glowed the nature of Kainuu and it also impressed the entire film crew. I would see nature play a significant role in the program.

When information about the program’s descriptions spread in Kainuu, Laanti says that it scared the production. The fear was that busy curious fans would intrude into the area to disturb the filming. The concern proved futile and even the locals didn’t push their beaks too close.

– The people of Kainuu are tactful. The Kainuu resident is such that he dodges and looks a little further away and I am very timid to ask for a signature or self, Laanti laughs.

However, for the sake of certainty, Laanti decided to sneak up on the outskirts of the subjects themselves at night to check that no one was moving in the area unauthorized.

The images were obtained in a jar without any setbacks. However, Laanti recalls that just before the start of the shooting crash, a violent storm ravaged the island’s trees. 110 trees went down there. However, there was luck in the accident, as the man had previously thought about thinning the trees.

– It has been said about the island that now it only looks good when the lake is well visible. It by no means lost its beauty value, even though such an organic thinning took place.

Laanti is convinced that the positive image of Finland tourism that the program brings will mobilize people and affect not only tourism, but also the regional economy. He assumes that in the future Kainuu will be even more ready to receive not only tourists but also other productions.

– When the information about the filming came out in the summer, there has been such a positive buzz here in the Vuokatti and Kainuu area ever since. There is no research data on this, but I would argue that the awareness of Kainuu and Vuokatti has increased.

Laanti is already looking forward to the start of the Templars.

– I’m going to look from start to finish and remakes too! Hopefully others will see, he sums up.

News about the production circles of the tempers in the past Kainuun Sanomat.

Temptation Island Finland starts at Nelonen on September 30. at 9 p.m.