Telekom and Orange, almost clapping: why they are looking for the ANCOM agreement

Telekom Romania is for sale, but the situation is not so simple and behind closed doors there are many discussions. Now, Telekom would be preparing to clap with Orange, but only for fixed networks. ANCOM has a say in the whole matter.

Telekom has been discussed for sale since 2019, but the discussions have not advanced or at least not much is known about what can be made public. Now, however, there is some information according to which Telekom would like to clap with Orange to sell its fixed operations. Sources quoted by I claim that the two operators have reached an agreement that they will initial in the next period, after the clarifications from ANCOM.

The Communications Management and Regulatory Authority must decide on the transfer of numbering tranches for fixed networks from Telekom to Orange. Orange will thus take over Telekom’s fixed telephony services.

And, apparently, the talks with RCS-RDS were not abandoned.

Telekom and Orange, almost clapping

The discussions start from a simple premise: the Greek rupee OTE and its main shareholder, the German giant Deutsche Telekom, want to sell the majority stake held in Telekom Romania. And there are more bidders, only everyone wants something different.

Among those who want to pay are RCS & RDS, a company controlled by businessman Zoltan Tseszari (for infrastructure and mobile subscribers), the French group Orange (for fixed network operations), the Russian company ER-Telecom, among the top 10 players in the Russian telecommunications industry, and Spas Rusev, one of the richest and most controversial Bulgarian businessmen, with close ties to Russian financiers.

What is clear is that Orange wants fixed networks. And that might be the case, in which case RCS-RDS can’t take everything the way it wanted.

Telekom Romania, ie the former operator Romtelecom, is controlled by the Greek group OTE (OTE International Investments Limited – Cyprus) – 54.01% and the Ministry of Communications – 45.99%. Telekom Romania Communications is a shareholder in Telekom Romania Mobile Communications, the third largest local mobile operator by number of customers, with 29.99%, together with the National Radiocommunication Company (SNR), with one share, and Cosmote Moblie Communications (Greece) – 69.99%. Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications have been operating since September 2014 under the same brand, Telekom Romania, owned by Deutsche Telekom.


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