The term Internet of Things (IoT) has become increasingly relevant (And with Telcel’s GigRed 4.5G even more!) Whereas several years ago, users communicated with each other mainly through smartphones or computers, now there are various ways to interact through smart devices and powerful networks.

An example of this are the services and products that Telcel offers to its users. The tech giant not only provides next-generation devices, but includes data plans that bring such popular products to life.

Friends and family close at hand

Children’s watches MOVETIME MT40 and Pomo Waffle

Smartwatches from Samsung and Apple, as well as other options for kids like MOVETIME MT40 Y Boss Waffle, are available in the physical and online stores of the company. With these computers, family members can share their location, record their physical activity, and in some cases receive alerts if a family member needs help.

For some models, the SmartWatch IoT service is also available, which keeps the smartwatch connected even without carrying the smartphone and which serves as an extension of the Telcel Income Plan by paying $ 99 MXN more per month.

SmartWatch IoT works only with those wearables that can be connected to the mobile network. With the first activation, users receive 3 months of service at no cost.

Home in sight

Xiaomi announces 2 new security cameras and an LED lamp
My Xiaomi Security Camera

With the Samsung Connected Home Kit and Telcel’s Smart Things IoT service, you can control, care for and enjoy your home from your smartphone.

For a monthly rent of $ 129 MXN per month or $ 1000 MXN per year you will get a Hub that controls the equipment Smart Things from Samsung, an HD camera with motion sensors, two door and drawer opening sensors, and a connector to transform regular household appliances into smart equipment.

It also includes 30GB of video storage in the Cloud per month, a function to contact emergency services and road assistance. In Telcel stores you will also find other products for connected homes such as the Xiaomi 360 Security Camera and the Mi Temperature Monitor.

Amazing car

SmartCar: Turn your car into a smart vehicle!

Your car will get smarter thanks to the accessories and plans for cars that you can buy with the telephone operator. One of them is SmartCar, a device that connects to the OBD-II port of the car and is used to monitor the location of the vehicle, receive alerts in case of incidents or failures, and also acts as a hotspot with 2G WiFi navigation that can be connected 5 devices.

You can also opt for Zeek Mi Auto, a locator that for $ 199 MXN per month tells you where your car or motorcycle is at all times and that allows you to remotely turn off the engine and activate an alarm.

And you, have you already tried these services? Comment on our social networks what is your favorite technology to connect with your loved ones.