Teen with Down syndrome who overcame leukemia dies of coronavirus

A 15 year old girl who was born with Down syndrome and survived leukemia, has died from Covid-19, the magazine reports People.

In case of Alexa Rose Veit It was shared on Facebook by the Emergency Service of Ballard County, Kentucky (USA).

Veit was born with Down syndrome. In July 2019, you were diagnosed with leukemia and spent several days in the hospital in treatment. Fortunately, the girl’s cancer went into remission on August 27, just weeks after her diagnosis.

A month ago, with the increase in Covid-19 cases in Kentucky, the girl began to feel bad. On October 26, her mother took her for a routine virus test before she underwent planned surgery and Veit god positive, like his mother.

As the days passed, Alexa began to feel a little worse and was eventually hospitalized. He had developed pneumonia.

Alexa Rose Veit was named mechanic ventilation because his condition continued to deteriorate. Meanwhile, her mother was also on a ventilator at another hospital, unaware that her daughter was seriously ill.

The girl had by her side her older sister, who had just recovered from Covid-19. Veit’s grandparents they also tested positive for the virus, but with mild symptoms.

On November 14, the girl’s mother got well enough to turn off her fan and was able to see her daughter. One day later, Alexa Rose Veit died.

“Alexa was and is a beautiful daughter of God and I know people who looked up to her, people whose children looked up to her,” the Kentucky Governor said Tuesday, Andy Beshear, at a press conference on the rising coronavirus cases in the state. “For the positivity, enthusiasm and defense that he brought, this is a great loss for that community“added the governor.



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