TechLife – Mobile, Tech & Electronics Repair Shop WordPress Theme

“I need a reliable and visually appealing WordPress theme for my mobile, tech, and electronics repair shop. TechLife seems like the perfect fit!”

Tech Life: The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Technology Repair Shops and Stores

If you’re looking to create a website for your technology repair shop or store, Tech Life is the perfect solution. This premium niche WordPress theme has been designed specifically with these businesses in mind, providing all the necessary features to showcase and sell your services.

Responsive Design

Firstly, Tech Life boasts a responsive mobile-ready design powered by Bootstrap 3 that looks great on all devices. You can rest assured that your customers will have an excellent experience whether they’re browsing on their desktop computer or mobile phone.

Customizable Options

What’s more, this theme comes packed with functional and targeted features just for repairing shops: listing services and team members; different types of galleries (such as tile gallery, justified gallery, slider gallery) to display any photos or product banners; testimonials widgets showcasing customer feedbacks; opening hours options so people know when they can visit you. Additionally there are powerful theme options panel where one can customize many aspects of the theme without coding skills required – including unlimited color schemes!

WooCommerce Ready

One unique feature offered by Tech Life is its built-in WooCommerce integration which allows you to sell repair services directly through your website using WooCommerce products functionality.

Mega Menu & Google Maps Integration

The Mega menu provides an easy way of showing navigation links in addition it offers advanced Google Maps integration so customers find directions quickly.

WPBakery Page Builder & Revolution Slider Included

In addition WPBakery Page Builder ($64 value) plugin is included allowing drag-and-drop customization along with Revolution Slider ($29 value).

Translation-Ready With Documentation Provided

Moreover documentation provided makes it easier than ever before because everything from installation guides down into detailed instructions about every aspect covered within tech life’s design meant even non-developers could handle customizing according their preferences easily! And if English isn’t native language don’t worry because translation files are already included making wpml ready.

Updates History

To ensure maximum compatibility across numerous platforms developers frequently roll out updates fixing bugs throughout time covering even minor issues such as breadcrumb warnings messages (Version 11.9), header not showing up correctly (Version 11.8), CSS changes made due carousel issue Version(11 .5). By keeping track what needs improvement over time ensures smooth running system giving peace-of-mind knowing everything works seamlessly together improving user experience while building trust between business owners clients alike who rely upon said service(s).


All things considered,Tech life possesses latest web technologies coupled alongside plethora tools making site-building hassle-free process offering flexibility seen nowhere else around its ability cater specific niches catering towards electronic stores comprised camera repairs stereo systems printers TV etcetera ensuring customized experiences visitors throughout entire journey.Site creation couldn’t be simpler thanks pre-built templates flexibility found via WPBakery page builder revolution slider among other plugins themes available thus far – tech-life really does offer unparalleled level customization compared anything else currently out there today!

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