Singers Taylor Swift and Lil Baby have been awarded this Thursday in the second edition of the Apple Music Awards, some awards given by the technology company to the music industry and which have five categories.

Thus, Swift takes the award for Lyricist of the year for Folklore, written and recorded in isolation during the first months of the covid-19 pandemic, while hip-hop singer Lil Baby has won the Artist of the Year award, according to Apple, as “the authentic and indisputable voice of young culture”.

In the rest of the categories, the winners have been Megan Thee Stallion as revelation artist, The Box, by Roddy Ricch, as best song of the year, and Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial, also by Roddy Ricch, as best album of the year.

The Apple Music Awards premiered last year “as a way to crown the best and most daring musicians and the enormous impact they have had on culture around the world “throughout the year.

The categories of artist, lyricist and revelation artist of the year They are chosen by members of the Apple Music team, while album and song of the year are based on live data to reflect the majority preferences of Apple Music customers in 2020.

This year’s Apple Music Awards celebrations will begin on Monday, December 14 with a week of “special performances, fan events, interviews and more“which can be followed by online broadcast on Apple Music, Apple Music TV and the Apple TV application, according to the company in a statement.