The misunderstandings between Alin Oprea and his ex-wife are far from over. On the contrary, with each passing day, the scandal seems to be amplifying. It seems that not only the couple’s two children are involved, and Tavi Colen says things by name, bluntly:

“21 years ago, Alin and I were like two brothers. I lived in the same villa. I was paying the rent. I had bought everything in it. He didn’t want to buy a single glass. He said he would do it when he was at his house. After a show in Buzau, he met this girl. I thought it was a fan, and that’s it. Only after a while I woke up with her in the house. And he never left. You know there was another scandal a few years ago, when I didn’t talk to Alin anymore. And Larisa said then that I was eating at them and washing my panties. But he forgot to say that the pots were mine. So was the washing machine I put my panties in. Then he tried to grab everything. To make the band manager. They also stole my name. “Talisman” that I gave, in a dorm room. I have witnesses. They registered him at OSIM in their name. Then I got annoyed and set three conditions so that we could sing together: never stop drinking before the shows, never let his wife come to our shows and give me the name “Talisman” back. He hung up when I told him that. We haven’t talked to each other since, “said Tavi Colen, according to