Known as a sports journalist Tapio Suominen There have been ups and downs in life in recent years. Suominen says at the opening of the Sports Museum at the Olympic Stadium how things are now better.

“The last two months have been a good time, the puzzle of life has been put in place, and the mind is good and fresh,” says Suominen, who is cheerful.

Suominen’s vitality is based on his decision made on 1 August to start lifestyle repairs. The decision has kept.

“My weight has dropped seven pounds in two months. In the beginning, the pace was fast, when it was so extra. I’ve moved since he was a boy, but then came the break and did not get anything out of myself. I do something actively every day, but I don’t grin my teeth but enjoy exercising.

Suominen plans to lose even more weight during the winter.

“February 20th is my birthday if I were back in my boyhood match weight. That would mean dropping nine kilos, but there is still something to be done here, Suominen says and shows her stomach.

– I’m not doing anything by force. I try to keep a balance between rest, sleep and exercise. And in no way should you rush.

In the summer, Suominen said that he would return to the commentary booth and explain the Kakkonen football match. During the autumn, there are other new work patterns ahead that Suominen does not yet dare to tell.

-In much I can say that I got into the gang by an interesting home town of Hämeenlinna. We provide occupational well-being services.

Suominen had a long career at Yleisradio, where he worked from 1988 until 2018. when his employment was terminated.

Suominen has openly stated that he is an alcoholic and suffers from bipolar disorder.

Suominen, who currently lives in Hämeenlinna, has also had to deal with the authorities. He roared at the wheel for the third time in March.

– Fortunately, I didn’t kill anyone. I am ashamed because of my activity continues to be irresponsible. I am scared, because alcoholism has been gripped me. I apologize, even though my barrel is buzzing with emptiness, Suominen said on Twitter himself in March.

During the spring and summer, things changed.

“It was foolish in the winter, but the cap has remained closed since then,” Suominen told Iltalehti in June.

At the time, he also said he had tried to move and stay on the sidewalk and that decision has now been kept.

“In small steps, Suominen summed up at the Sports Museum.