Tapia, D’Onofrio and Ameal, in a meeting in the middle of the rough

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They chatted about “various aspects of Argentine soccer,” including the qualification of River Camp.

Claudio Tapia, Rodolfo D’Onofrio and Jorge Amor Ameal met this Wednesday in the presidential office of the AFA. A historic summit that aimed, as the mother house of soccer warned through a statement, “to talk about issues inherent to Argentine soccer.”

The main point that was touched was the termination of the television right, a situation that generated anger and disagreement in the two largest clubs in Argentina.

River and Boca’s position was clear: both presidents requested that they be summoned to discuss the issues to be discussed to be part of the final decision and that they not learn of the fait accompli, as happened with the AFA’s break with Fox Sports.

To put a cold cloth on the situation, Tapia accepted Boca and River’s proposal and an official statement came out. “Within the agenda, Claudio Tapia and the highest authorities of the two institutions discussed aspects related to the tournament, its regulations and how to continue working for the next season. In addition, the president of the AFA invited them to have greater participation in the Mother House of Argentine Soccer “.

The text adds that at the end of the meeting “they agreed that the lawyers of the AFA and those of both clubs will analyze the contractual situation before the possible termination of the television contract.”

This unprecedented union between the parties generates tranquility pending a very long judicial journey between the AFA and Disney-Fox, since the American company considers that their rights were violated and will go to the last consequences.

From Viamonte Street, they notified Fox Sports that, in advance and unilaterally, they rescinded the contract that had them united for the televising of premium football. And at the same time, they communicated to TNT Sports that she is authorized to make an offer for the 50% that belonged to her now ex-partner.

Claudio Tapia warned that he will make an official visit to the Ezeiza training complex this Thursday. Visual inspection of Chiqui, in a way, it accompanies the endorsement that he had already given to Rodolfo D’Onofrio for the team to play its LPF Cup matches at the Camp. The top leader of Núñez will host the tour of a work that involved a cost of around 100,000 dollars and that is already advanced: this Wednesday the transmission cabin arrived to be installed and there was a test of lights. Everything is given so that the match against Banfield is played there, even though the officialization from the League remains.


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