Tangled hair? Easy tips to reduce the knot in the wires!

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Tangled hair? Learn how to minimize the knots, maintaining the health of the locks with a few simple tricks to apply on a daily basis. THE Purepeople, along with trichologist Viviane Coutinho, highlighted some points that deserve your attention. Keep in mind that there are many situations that can expose the locks to some type of aggression such as the use of chemistry, the chlorine in the pool and the application of a dryer. All this friction can influence the tangled hair and the fall. Check out the tips to avoid breaking the wires!

Avoid using a comb or brush while showering

Are you used to untangling your hair while showering with a brush or comb? We know it is easier, but this custom may be ending the health of the hair. This is because combing the very wet lock can make it brittle. “When it is soaked, it becomes more elastic, so it tends to break more easily”, explains tricologist Viviane Coutinho. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid friction on the soaked strands and wait to dry a little before combing.

Use your fingers to untangle the hair in the bath

The use of the comb and brush should be avoided when bathing, but this rule does not include fingers! One technique that should be used when cleaning the wires is to untangle with your hands. “When he is more embarrassed, we need to return more emollience. In the bath, condition the wires to return flexibility and untangle with your fingers”, says the professional.

Detangle damp hair with a comb

But how is the right way to untangle the hair? The ideal, according to the trichologist, is to let the hair dry a little. It is even worth removing excess water by wrapping the strands with a towel, without rubbing. “If the hair is still tangled, use a wide tooth comb and then use another one specific to your hair”, teaches Viviane Coutinho.

Find the right cosmetic to treat your hair

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner can minimize hair knots. Identify the need for your yarns combined with its texture to find the ideal one. “It is necessary to use specific products for our hair, respecting the needs”, he pointed out. From that, boost hydration in your capillary schedule to give strength and replenish the water.

Hair with many knots? It’s time to cut!

If the strands are constantly tangling and very dry, maybe it’s time to let go! The knots will only decrease through cutting (how about betting on a trendy one?). “If I have a long time without cutting my hair, if I am a person who submits a lot to chemical and physical aggressions, there comes a time that just cutting,” points out the trichologist Viviane Coutinho. To maintain health and avoid this type of case, the ideal is to trim the ends every 3 months, providing healthy hair growth.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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