Taliban commander who kidnapped journalist captured

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A former Taliban commander who kidnapped a New York Times reporter and two other people in 2008 He has been arrested and transferred from the US from Ukraine to stand trial, the Manhattan federal prosecutor’s office reported on Wednesday.

It’s about the Afghan Haji Najibullah |, 42, a former Taliban commander who more than a decade ago kidnapped, gun in hand, American reporter David Rohde along with another Afghan journalist, Tahir Ludin, and their driver, Asadullah Mangal.

In June 2009, the two journalists managed to escape from their place, a Taliban compound in the North Waziristan area of ​​Pakistan, after jumping from a second-story window in the middle of the night to a paramilitary post. Pakistanis.

As announced in a statement this Wednesday by the attorney for the southern district of New York, Najibullah faces six charges, including kidnapping, hostage retention, conspiracy and the use of a firearm in a violent crime, each of which could carry a life sentence.

“Almost twelve years ago, the defendant organized the kidnapping at gunpoint of an American journalist and two other men, and held them hostage for more than seven months,” explains the statement from the prosecution, which does not directly mention the name of Rohde, but makes it clear that this is the case from the rest of the circumstances he describes.

“The accusation of Haji Najibullah | It shows that law enforcement agencies will never cease in their mission to hold accountable those who commit violent crimes against US citizens, “Acting New York District Attorney Audrey Strauss said in the text.

The indictment document, released Wednesday, dates from 2014, showing that US authorities kept the charges secret until the arrest was made.

Rohde, Ludin and Mangal were abducted on November 10, 2008 outside Kabul while on their way to an interview with a Taliban commander in Logar province, south of the capital, and were forced to walk to Pakistan.



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