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The week has arrived, which is probably what all domestic rally fans have been waiting for the most this season, the II. Rally Hungary week. A real star parade, 37 R5s and 4 different races condensed into 3 days in the domestic competition of the European Championship. In short, we can summarize what awaits us at the Nyíregyháza and Zemplén-based race, which will take place on November 6-8. takes place between.

Among the draw names will be Andreas Mikkelsen, a three-time World Cup bronze medalist and three-time World Cup race winner, at the start, not to mention a two-time IRC champion (the predecessor of the ERC, i.e. the European Rally Championship). Oh, and the waist Norwegian is provided by a Hungarian team, the Topp-Cars Rally Team, with the almost 0-kilometer Škoda Fabia. Then there’s 2018 European champion Alexei Lukyanuk. The Russian for himself is very much on the top this year as he leads the championship with a 42-point lead over 19-year-old supertin Oliver Solberg.

The father of the Harry Potter-physical Swedish guy is 2003 world champion and living legend Petter Solberg. So little Solberg is the number one challenger for the Russian torpedo, plus he also leads the ERC1 championship for youngsters. And see for a miracle, he too is provided with a Hungarian team by the factory-supported Škoda, namely the Eurosol Racing Team.

Here will be Irish rally history historian Craig Breen, a Hyundai factory pilot trying to smash pepper on MRF tires under the noses of others. The French asphalt specialist Yoann Bonato also pays tribute in Nyíregyháza, and says a lot about his form, he was second in the last race in Portugal. And we haven’t even mentioned emerging young people like Grégoire Munster, currently third in the European Championships, or Mikolaj Marczyk, Emil Lindholm, or even Erik Cais.

Immediately after the foreign riders, here is the highest rated Hungarian driver, Norbert Herczig, who, after last year’s punctures and this year’s bumpy season, would definitely like to prove himself in a domestic environment. And in the wake of the four-time champion, it’s one hundred percent that there will be the four-tooth who will fight a killer battle for the championship title.

Currently, Ferenc Vincze has a 1-point advantage over Ádám Velenczei. The defending champion last “betled” at his own level in Vértes, and last year he also won an ERC stage victory, so it will be good in Nyíregyháza as well, even Velenczei, who finally won his first race victory and was second in Hungary in 2019 in terms of Hungarian evaluation.

Rally stars are coming to Hungary 3Compared to the two boys from Szécsény, the routine drivers are more forced to step in: András Hadik is currently 20 and 19 points behind the two skiers, respectively, and he has not even won a race this year. He finished Rally Hungary last year among the vines, but such a mistake will definitely not fit in this year, otherwise he could say goodbye to his championship dreams.

The Ford driver will be followed by another 4 points behind Frici Turán, who will definitely be given special attention as the winner of Rally Hungary last year. For Frici, the formula is exactly the same as for Hadik: he has to drive terribly stably, all in a way that must definitely overtake the people of Szécsény. And even that may not be enough, as the Nyíregyháza Rally is the fifth race in the Hungarian championship, and the big question is whether the last race in December can be held amid the coronavirus restrictions.

Rally stars come to Hungary 4Incidentally, this question also exists at the European Championships, as the Hungarian race is followed by a Canarian and a Belgian race, but as we know, the Ypres Rally, also a Belgian rally, has recently been canceled, so the fate of the Spa Rally is very questionable. . In any case, we will be able to chew on this even after the weekend, and in the meantime we will enjoy the second coming of the domestic rally country! In addition to the European Championships and Rally1, we can also applaud the fields of Historic and Rally2 on the tracks in Zemplén.

You can find more information on the official website of the competition.

Everything that is ERC.

And the official timekeeping page available by clicking here

Source: Text: Gergely Vörös

Image source (s): ERC, Ádám Szabó-Jilek



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