Representing the New York Islanders today Casey Cizikas taklasi Manny Castilloa Missisauga in a high school rugby match in 2007 with the result that Castillo was left lying on the field. Two days later, 15-year-old Castillo was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Even today, there are two views on the case: some thought it was harm, some thought it was intentional.

According to some reports, Cizikas’ Rigging was part of the game, some disagree. It has been difficult to find out the truth, as conflicting testimonies were given and false reports were made.

Doctors said Castillo suffered a severe concussion just two weeks before Cizikas was tackled and shouldn’t have played for at least a year.

The family did not want judgment

Castillo’s family considered his son’s death an injury and hoped Cizikas would survive the trial without judgment. However, the events that led to Castillo’s death did not leave the judge able to release OHL’s Mississauga St. Michael at the time.‘s Cizikas, who played hockey in Majors, on charges.

In 2009, Cizikas was charged with murder. In July of the same year, he received a year’s probation for the murder and 100 hours of community service. Judge Bruce Duncanin according to Cizikas used unnecessary force in the tackle.

Two weeks after the verdict, the Islanders booked Cizikas ’NHL booking event in the fourth round.

“Islanders support me”

For a long time, Cizikas did not get completely over Castillo’s death.

– Coming to the ice rink every day means everything to me. I get below with my friends and coaches. It relieves my stress for at least a few hours, Cizikas said in a 2009 Islanders Point Blank interview.

– The New York Islanders support me, they’ve made it clear. I have an NHL team that believes in me. You don’t guess what it means after all that happened. I do my best so that their faith in me was not in vain. I’ve done a lot of work, but now I’m making twice as much to pay my back to the Islanders for their loyalty, Cizikas said.

29-year-old Cizikas played in the ranks of the Islanders for the ninth season. He has 534 regular season matches and 171 (74 + 97) power points in his account. In the 18 playoffs this fall, he scored two assists on his account.

The Islanders announced on Sunday night Finnish time that Cizikas has been injured and will no longer play this season. Cizikas has already left the Edmonton bubble.

The Islanders are currently playing in the NHL Eastern Conference finals against Tampa Bay Lightning. Lightning leads the series with wins 2-1. The winner of the series will survive the Stanley Cup finals. The fourth match started at 22.00 Finnish time.

Sources: New York Sports Hub, Total Pro Sports