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France is alert when detecting bird flu in other European countries

The French government announced this Thursday that it has increased to "elevated"the alert for avian flu in the corridors of migratory birds and in...

The British Zoo had to hide its wildly cursing parrots – “We are worried about the children”

Lincolnshire Zoo donated five African Gray Parrots. They were visible to the public and clearly enjoyed interacting with people.But then the sound on...

"Extreme challenge" at the Miami Zoo: 24 people manage to immobilize a giraffe to heal two fractured legs

A multidisciplinary team of at least 24 people managed to immobilize a giraffe weighing almost 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms) in Miami (USA) with two...

How is this possible? The 62-year-old ball python hasn’t been with a male for over 15 years – my egg still

The U.S. St. Louis Zoo reported earlier this week that one of their ball pythons had laid eggs, even though it hadn’t been with...
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