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“Stop the theft!”: Masked pro-Trump protesters denounce “election fraud” in a street movement in Washington VIDEO

Despite the absence of evidence regarding the theft of votes, confirmed by the electoral authorities, the protesters shouted "four more years!" and “USA!...

Joe Biden increases the lead over Trump. The American press also wins in Arizona

It is only the second time in 70 years that a Democrat has won the presidential election in Arizona, which is a major change...

Trump, almost losing all credibility. Several US officials say there is no evidence that votes were lost or changed

"The November 3 election was the safest in U.S. history," said local and national election officials, including the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA),...

Donald Trump shields the Pentagon with loyal supporters. America is heading for “unmapped waters”

Democrats did not stop to think and immediately demanded an explanation for the untimely changes made by Trump, with Mark Warner, the leader of...

VIDEO Lady Gaga, in tears after Biden’s victory: The time has come for healing, for rest, for love

Singer Lady Gaga, 34, is one of the celebrities who has voiced support for the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden. After the...
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