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Beloved writer Sinikka Nopola is lifeless

In the present day at 2:23 p.m.The beloved, revered and award-winning writer Sinikka Nopola died on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 in Helsinki on the...

Arto Nyberg will have a full 500 broadcasts – over the years, the interviewees have sometimes disappeared: “Kiersin Kallio cups cracked”

Arto Nyberg and three guests will stop on Yle TV1 on Sunday for the 500th time on Sunday.Arto Nyberg's title program will be created...

Author Kati Tervo recovers from surgery – Jari Tervo’s hopeful update on his wife’s well-being: “Life wins, dear”

Author Kati Tervo is currently recovering from an operation performed in August.Author Jari Tervo, 61, has made an update on Twitter about his writer...
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