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TV commentator Oskar Osala glows Jesse Puljujärvi: “An incredible physical machine”

Former national team striker Oskar Osala, 32, has moved on to hockey expert positions.What names would an expert who joined the lion team at...

Oskar Osala tells honestly why he hung the skates on a nail – at least for now

National team level striker Oskar Osala made an exceptional decision and gave up his hockey career at the age of 31.In the spring of...

The jurors’ NHL man has already scored four goals in two matches – commented on HIFK-Pak’s fierce rivet: “Sometimes you have to take shit”

Vitali Abramov was acquired for Jukuri to score goals. He has really succeeded in that.On Saturday, in the Finnish Championships, attention was drawn...

Series Jumbo Jukurit found HIFK – NHL confirmation in incredible tone, driven ugly to the side

Mikkeli Jukurit was responsible for the biggest surprise of the Finnish Championship League Saturday.The SM League saw plenty of goals on Saturday. KalPa...

Dramatic solution: Rangers buying Henrik Lundqvist’s contract out, ended up in company legend as third guard

Henrik Lundqvist is no longer a Rangers player on Thursday, according to the New York Post.Wednesday is becoming a major day for the NHL...
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