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Patrik Laine’s departure from Winnipeg is considered certain – the expert reminds Teemu Selänte of what happened: “It was terrible”

Patrik Laine enjoys great popularity in Winnipeg.Transfer rumors Patrik Laine around do not seem relieved.Canadian TV company Sportsnet made a story about what the...

Patrik Laine’s treatment is astonishing – Jets are properly whipped: “Mistakes have been made”

Winnipeg Sun wafer supplier Scott Billeck whips Jets in his fresh column.The Jets have lost a couple of important key players of the last...

Patrik Laine gets alongside top center, Henrik Lundqvist in Washington: IL follows NHL major moves

The NHL free player market got off to a brisk start.Counter striker Paul Stastny moves from Vegas Golden Knights back to Winnipeg Jets.Stastny’s contract...

A dull assessment of Patrik Laine: Did “God of Winnipeg” become a commodity?

TSN launched a speculation mill in Patrik Laine.Patrik Laine the name rose to the lips of many hockey followers in Canada, although the Winnipeg...
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