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this is how each country is fighting against the second wave of Covid

"The second wave is already a reality throughout Europe." The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, affirmed this Tuesday at the press conference after the...

Hollywood is campaigning against Trump

In Hollywood they are not only made films. For years the mecca of who Californian has established itself as a powerful voice...

Europe exceeds 200,000 deaths from coronavirus

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has reported this Sunday that a total of 200,587 deaths due to coronavirus in the European...

The health benefits of some foods … which are actually a myth

They run on the internet numerous myths about the health benefits of certain foods, such as pineapple to lose weight or flaxseed to control...

How often you have to shower, according to experts

How often do we shower and how much time do we spend on our hygiene? Personnel have become two issues of debate that continue...
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