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Australia alerts sailors for the 380 dead whales

The Australian authorities have warned of the danger to navigation posed by the 380 pilot whales killed on the west coast of Tasmania,...

The mystery of the 400 dead whales: why were they stranded and how is such a massive rescue carried out?

Marine biologist Beatriz Ayala - WWF oceans program technician - helps to understand the dimension of the tragedy that occurred in Australia, where they...

380 whales die stranded in Australia and another 70 are rescued

A total of 70 of the 470 pilot whales stranded in South Australia have been rescued so far, while another 380 have died, local...

More than 500 whales are stranded off the coast of Australia

A new animal tragedy unfolds on Australian beaches. More than 500 whales have been stranded for several days off the coast of the...

A third of 270 beached whales in Australia have died

About a third of the 270 pilot whales stranded in South Australia have died, Australian rescuers point out, pointing out that the complicated...
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