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US appeals ruling preventing WeChat ban in app stores

The US government wants to try again to ban the Chinese chat app WeChat from app stores. The Justice Department has appealed the...

US administration’s ban on China’s WeChat application temporarily suspended

The order of the Commerce Department allegedly forced Apple and Google, a division of the Alphabet group, to stop downloading the WeChat application, owned...

Judge blocks ban on WeChat in United States

A judge in the United States blocked a ban from the US Department of Commerce on Sunday. This allows Apple and Google to...

TikTok and WeChat banned in US app stores

American tech companies are no longer allowed to offer the Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat in their app stores from 20 September, the American...

Downloading TikTok and WeChat applications, blocked since Sunday in the United States

Mobile platforms will not be allowed to distribute applications, so no new downloads will be possible. TikTok will continue to operate for at least a...
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