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Russia’s shadow reappears in the US election campaign

It never quite disappeared and in the last days has resurfaced, although its real impact. After the experience of the 2016 US...

Macron asks Putin for collaboration after jihadist attack in France

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday asked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for more cooperation in the fight against terrorism and against...

The US and Russia move away from an extension of the New Start nuclear agreement

White House National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien rejected the Russian president's proposal, Vladimir Putin, to extend the New Start, the last arms control...

Putin: Russia has already approved another coroner vaccine

President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that the Russian authorities have already given approval for another coroner vaccine, Reuters reports. He...

Plus one: another COVID-19 vaccine registered in Russia

The EpiVacCorona coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Vector Research Center, has undergone clinical trials and is registered for use in Russia. This was...
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