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Canada confirms purchase of 358 million vaccines for COVID-19

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin trudeau, announced this Friday the signing of a new contract for the acquisition of 76 million units of...

Alarm in South Korea after the death of 36 vaccinated against the flu

Nervousness settled among South Koreans today after it was reported that 36 people have died after receiving the flu vaccine since September, although...

Spanish researchers develop an ‘infective clone’ of Covid-19

An international team of researchers with the participation of experts from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has managed to generate an infective...

The Chinese Sinopharm Covid vaccine induces an immune response in people over 60 years of age

The Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, which develops one of the vaccines against Covid-19, has published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases encouraging results for its...

The United States reports 69,000 new coronavirus infections in one day, a record number since July

The US authorities have reported 69,000 new coronavirus infections during the day on Friday, a record of positives since last July 29, more than...
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