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Trump supporters deliberately disrupt traffic – blocking the highway and bridge with their cars

In the U.S., Donald Trump supporters with their cars continued to disrupt traffic on Sunday.At noon local time, Trump supporters deliberately blocked a highway...

3 days in US election – new record for daily coronary infections, Trump already doubts doctors’ ethics

The United States has long been the world's leading coronavirus country. On Friday, it also grabbed a questionable record from India when 100,233...

Three perspectives: That is why Finns should also be interested in the US presidential election

The U.S. presidential election reads the state of the world’s leading state almost breathtakingly. On Nov. 3, it becomes clear whether the Western...

Ex-official of Trump administration registers as anonymous author of revelation – Trump wants man indicted

Former U.S. National Security Agency official and Chief of Staff Miles Taylor reveals that he wrote an outrageous article about Donald Trump’s administration published...

Perspective: 2020 is not 2016 – these five things in the US election are now different from last time

There are only six days until the US presidential election. No one can yet know what will happen next week. Instead, it...
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