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Handsome, young and doesn’t drink booze – that’s Joe Kennedy, who seeks power in Massachusetts

In the United States, in the November election, in addition to the president, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and about a third...

NHL star says he mentioned party selection and Donald Trump’s name – then it came from a fist

Logan Couture said he would not necessarily vote for Donald Trump himself, but Republicans would.NHL team San Jose Sharks captain Logan Couture says he...

The final letter of the election begins in the United States – Trump’s situation is not easy, but not impossible

For election elbows, recent weeks have been a golden age, with the rest of the predictions for the U.S. presidential election in November still...

In his keynote address, Trump attacked Joe Biden: “The Destroyer of American Magnificence”

The Republican Party meeting culminated on the fourth night of the president Donald Trumpin to a line speech in which he officially accepted the...

Joe Biden to continue campaigning on the ground – to visit several Libyan states

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, 77, announces he will soon be campaigning on the ground in several Libyan-speaking states that could decide the winner...
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