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The US seeks to restrict visas to students and foreign press

The Government of the U.S announced a rule with which it plans to restrict the duration of visas granted to students, foreigners who...

“Enough of lying and cheating!” Shouts the Chinese ambassador to the UN

China was outraged at the UN on Thursday by the United States, which once again pointed to it as responsible for the spread...

Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful handover of power

The president of United States, Donald Trump, refused on Wednesday to commit to a peaceful handover of power in the event of a...

Protests over the Breonna Taylor case

Hundreds of people gathered a few meters from one of the towers of the former home of US President Donald Trump, on Fifth...

Maduro acknowledges that the economic crisis is driving the departure of Venezuelans

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, recognized the Venezuelan emigration by intervening in the UN General Assembly, an issue that his government denied for...
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