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Three perspectives: That is why Finns should also be interested in the US presidential election

The U.S. presidential election reads the state of the world’s leading state almost breathtakingly. On Nov. 3, it becomes clear whether the Western...

Asteroid 2018VP1 could strike the earth the day before the U.S. presidential election

Asteroid 2018VP1 is currently heading towards Earth at a speed of 40,000 kilometers per hour. The asteroid is 2-4 meters in diameter, so...

Some giants censor the fast pace of a critical article – this is what the media uproar is about Joe Biden’s Hunter son

The 2020 presidential election will be remembered for its many twists and turns, but so far the election train has been pushing forward on...

Space as constituency – Nassa astronauts also vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden

Kate Rubinsilla is a great vantage point to follow U.S. developments. Namely, he looks at it from a high space.Rubins is currently working...

Report from the Mexican border: the Trump Wall replaced the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of US immigration policy

The deserts of the southwestern United States tell the story of black and red ants being put in a cup. When the cup...
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