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Fake news during US elections: these measures are taking social media

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are taking measures during the US elections to prevent manipulation with fake news and disinformation. We...

The Spanish K-Pop community grows strong on Twitter and ranks 13th worldwide

K-Pop is one of the musical genres that greater pull has awakened not only in Spain but worldwide. Proof of this is that...

France launches offensive against internet hate speech

"Islamists should not be allowed to sleep soundly in our country." This phrase by Emmanuel Macron, released on Sunday night in the...

A musician revolutionizes Twitter by publishing the anonymous letter he received from a neighbor

Read, dance, exercise routines to the (impossible) beat of Patry Jordan, devour series and films, become chef and pastry chef or play instruments they...

Twitter deleted a post by Donald Trump’s adviser on COVID-19 issues. He claimed that the mask was not effective

Dr. Scott Atlas wrote on Twitter on Saturday: “Do masks work? NO ", along with a link to an article that claims that...
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