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Was Melania Trump’s twin being presented to the media as genuine? Somessa is buzzing

Speculation is hot on Twitter.The first woman in the United States Melania Trump has created the actual fuss with its altered appearance. President...

Dutch researcher claims to have been able to log in to Donald Trump’s Twitter account, says password was astonishingly easy

Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers, who calls himself an “ethical hacker,” says he got into the U.S. president Donald Trumpin Twitter account.The Dutchman writes...

“I’m black and I vote Trumpia” – removed dozens of fake Twitter accounts

Somepool Twitter has suspended numerous accounts owned by an allegedly dark-skinned American who supports the president Donald Trumpia.“Our teams are working hard to investigate...

The coronavirus severely punishes the league club – the cult player campaigns on Twitter: “The most important game in the history of Vaasa Sport”

The SM league clubs are financially cramped due to the coronavirus pandemic.The start of the regular season was postponed from early September to October,...

Kanye West’s volatile behavior continues: denigrates Grammy Award in toilet bowl

The state of the rapper worries again.Kanye West has shared a video on her Twitter account in which one of her numerous Grammy Awards...
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