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BB-Ella’s vomiting caused viewers to worry and the production to react – now tells what really happened

Evicted from the Big Brother house on Sunday, Ella herself was surprised by her vomiting. Helsinki-based café worker Ella, 23, was evicted from Big...

Aki Manninen left drastic workouts – lost weight visibly: pictures before and after

Aki Manninen, known on television as the biggest drop coach, made a life change.Welfare entrepreneur Aki Manninen, 45, woke up a year ago with...

TIS-Jussi gets upset with a familiar couple from the previous season, shout to single women: “If I could draw a little oxygen …”

The descriptions of Temptation Island Finland are buzzing again. The story includes plot revelations.Wednesday's Temptation Island Finland episode celebrates family celebrations on Wednesday....

These TV series lovers also tested socializing in real life – this is what happened to couples

In the filming of numerous TV series, emotions have faltered. Always romantic sparks aren’t just left on the TV screen. Many TV series...

Do you still remember the Third Stone from the Sun series? This is what yis stars look like now

The Third Stone of the Sun was one of the most hanging comedy series of the 1990s.The American 3rd Rock from the Sun comedy...
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