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Turkey: life imprisonment for 337 people for attempted coup in 2016

They are officers and pilots of the army and civilians. They were sentenced on Thursday for trying to overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip...

Lifelong prison sentences for leading and executing a coup attempt in Turkey in 2016

The Turkish court on Thursday sentenced 27 people to life imprisonment for the failed coup in 2016. The convicts have been found guilty of...

Life sentences for the alleged perpetrators of the 2016 coup

Life imprisonment for all. Turkish justice has sentenced 415 people, mostly military, accused of being the executive and organizational arm in Turkey of...

Donald Trump absolves Thanksgiving holiday chicken as Joe Biden introduces his cupboard

The head of state of the USA executed that custom one final opportunity prior to leaving behind the White Property. As well as...

Lewis Hamilton already sits on the throne of Michael Schumacher, but with an eye out for Formula 1

It was not the end of the party that I expected Lewis Hamilton for his seventh world title, but his victory in Istanbul Park...
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