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Cubans begin 2021 with a tsunami of their financial system and plenty of doubts for a profound reform

The unification of currencies is launched, which is able to result in a robust devaluation and rise in costs. The primary measures."Everyone seems...

The alert of a Spanish professional earlier than Christmas: "We’re already within the third wave"

"We're already within the third wave", The president of the Spanish society of preventive drugs, Rafael Ortí, has acknowledged this Thursday emphatically.Illa provides free...

Photos: The most shocking photos of the earthquake that has struck Greece and Turkey

30.10.2020 - 14: 11hA magnitude 7 earthquake, originating near the Greek island of Samos, has shaken Greece and Turkey, causing panic and the collapse...

Tsunami warning after a 7.5 earthquake in Alaskan waters

The United States National Weather Service issued a tsunami alert on Monday after detecting an earthquake in 7.5 degree intensity on the Richter scale...

Record winds, giant tsunamis – super typhoon Haishen approaches the Japanese coast

Thousands of people have had to be evacuated off the southwest coast of Japan from a powerful typhoon. Typhoon Haishen has approached the...
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