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Biden would bring the short leash back into the world

The other day, it has become clear that if the Democratic presidential candidate wins on 3 November, another world will welcome in, and that...

Donald Trump Votes Early in Florida

Donald Trump has voted this Saturday morning in Florida, where it is registered. Just before 10:00 a.m. (local time, 16:00 in mainland Spain),...

Trump’s security adviser: China is the threat of the 21st century

Trump identifies China as the main competitor of the United States and accused the Chinese Communist Party of taking advantage of trade and not...

Trump has a bank account in China. The president criticized Joe Biden for his “soft” policy toward Beijing

Incumbent US President Donald Trump has a bank account in China, where he has tried for years to do business, a country against which...

Trump and Biden microphones to be turned off during parts of debate

The Presidential Debate Commission, a non-partisan body that organizes these face to face, announced this Monday that will turn off the microphones of...
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